‘The Bachelor’ Australia: Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich Love Update

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Juan Pablo, "The Bachelor" of this year's American edition, is not ready to declare his love for Nikki, the girl he proposed with the final red rose. "The Bachelor" Down Under, Tim Robards, however, had no issue in declaring his love for Anna in the reality show. Also, unlike Juan Pablo, Tim has always been open about his feelings for Anna and is media friendly.  

After more than six months, Anna and Tim are still very much in love, and Anna is expecting a big proposal from Tim when the time comes.

Anna, the criminal lawyer, said to MailOnline: "He knows I'd like something huge if he wants to propose." At Marie Claire's Barefoot event in the Park party at Sydney's Darling Point, Anna jokingly quipped that: "I've been putting pressure on him - no, just kidding."

The two are planning to take the next step by moving in together, as they already spend six nights a week with each other. Anna and Tim, however, have not yet decided when they plan to officially start living together.

"[Moving in together] is definitely on the cards, I don't know when but that's what we want to do first [before engagement or marriage]."

This year, the couple also celebrated their first valentine day. Tim and Anna had gone on a picnic date to celebrate the day dedicated to love. After the dreamy picnic date, they had headed to a room in Adina Apartment Hotel in Bondi.  

Anna had said to News.com.au: "I don't know what the future holds, but all I know is that we're going to be together." In an interview to Sydney Confidential, Tim had said: "Anna and I have a friendship and respect, there's love and friendship. This is going on a deeper level." 

In the previous interviews, the couple had indicated that they would love to start a family. Also, Anna and Tim are spending a lot of time with each other's family.  

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