The Bachelor Australia: Tim, Anna Relationship Update

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The new bachelor of "The Bachelor Australia", Blake Garvey, made his first appearance in the premiere episode on Wednesday. Garvey wants to be as lucky as Tim Robards, the first bachelor of the Australian version, when it comes to finding the love of his life on the reality show. Tim fell in love with Anna and gave her the final red rose in the first season finale. The two are still going strong, and according to reports, they have moved-in, together.

Recently, there were reports that Anna, a lawyer, and Tim, the chiropractor, have got engaged. Daily Telegraph's Sydney Confidential reported that there were rumours that this couple had also sold their engagement story to the highest bidder, giving them the exclusive coverage rights. Citing a source, the report has rubbished the engagement rumours.

Sydney Confidential quoted the source as saying, "there has been no engagement and no story has been sold."

Also earlier this month, there were reports that Tim, 30, and Anna, 27, did not meet for the first time on "The Bachelor Australia." They had met before at a 2011 Vodafone party in Sydney. A photo from that event surfaced online. Mail Online reports that in the photo, Anna and Tim are wearing "matching red outfits" have their "arms around each others' waists."

Anna and Tim, however, said that they do not remember meeting each other at the event. On the Kyle And Jackie O Show, Tim said, as quoted by Mail Online, "I don't even remember meeting her."

"It was because I had blonde hair and he actually didn't like blondes before he met me," Anna added. Tim joked that he still does not know "if I even like blondes."

On the show, the couple revealed that they have started living, together. However, they have no plans to get married soon. Mail Online has quoted Anna as saying, "I don't think we'd be together now if [marriage] wasn't in the future." Anna also said that she would like to have kids with Tim, but not soon as she is still "quite young."

This week, Anna and Tim were spotted enjoying a farm bike ride. 

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