The Bachelor Australia Season 2 Preview: Blake's Secret Date Gets the Girls Worried [VIDEO]

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The new week of "The Bachelor Australia" Season 2 will see Sam going on a date with Blake. There is also a secret date with Amber. Both the girls had an ugly fight with Laurina, last week and this week, they get to spend some quality, romantic time with Blake. Laurina may have some interesting things to say about these two dates.

Amber's secret date with Blake is going to get all the girls "revved-up," according to the sneak peek of this week. It also suggests that this Wednesday, the bachelor is giving dating a new spin. There is the speed date, blind date and the secret date. The speed date is all about going high-speed on the track. The blind date is about blindfolding the girl [Jessica] and giving her the steering wheel to drive the car, while Blake guides her.  

The sneak peek reveals that it is the secret date that gets the girls worried. The question that the sneak peek is asking, "What happens on Blake's Secret Date?"  

The second week of "The Bachelor Australia" saw three eliminations and one of the contestants quit the show. Professional net-ball player Holly picked professional opportunity over finding love in the reality show. She said goodbye to Blake in episode 4, while Amanda, Stacey-Louise and Shana did not receive the red roses.

Speaking about her decision to quit the show, Holly said to POPSUGAR that it took her two days to come to a decision. "... I found out from my mum, then I had to go on the overnight camping trip, so it was about two days," she said.

Holly revealed that she is still single. And, when asked how her net-ball opportunity worked out, Holly said to POPSUGAR, "I play for the NSW Blues at the moment, which is a feeder competition for the Sydney Swifts. So it's called the Australian League, and the Sydney Swifts play in the ANZ Championships, so it's a feeder competition for that."

"There's still a couple of positions left in the Swifts, so I'm hoping at the end of this Blues season there might be a contract waiting for me."

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