‘The Bachelor Australia’ Season 2 Preview: Blake, Jess Get Intimate On Group Date, Laurina Wants To Quit [VIDEO]

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This week, Laurina wants Blake to send her home, as he seems to have broken the unsaid rule that he would not kiss any girl during the group date. The preview suggests that Jessica and Blake are going to get intimate during the group date, which Laurina will find painful to watch.

The preview clip provides a glimpse of Blake kissing Jessica on her forehead while they are riding a carousel. They look like as if they are glued to each other. According to the preview's voice-over, "True love is when everything else fades away. ... it's just you and him ... and several onlookers." Amber is seen saying, in her sarcastic, complaining tone, that Jess and Blake are clearly getting their passion. "Disgusting" is the word that can be heard. Laurina is revealing that she had told Jessica that if Blake were to kiss anybody on the group date, she would bow out.

Later, perhaps at the cocktail party, Laurina is seen telling Blake to let her go that night at the rose ceremony. The question that the preview is asking is whether Laurina will leave, or it is some plan of hers to stay till the end. Blake does not look happy hearing her request to let her go.

Meanwhile, the fifth week of "The Bachelor Australia" Season 2 is expected to pit the old girls against the new girls. In the opening episode of the current season, 24 girls arrived to win Blake's heart, and now, there are only nine girls left in the competition from that group. The entry of the new girls has added more days to the competition as well as made the show even more competitive. It is expected that tempers are going to fly and emotions are going to run high. The episode 8 showed the trailer of what can be expected in the coming episodes. The old girls were furious, emotional and inimical.

However, the addition of new girls has infused new life into 'The Bachelor Australia' Season 2. In its fourth week itself, the show was looking repetitive and predictable. Now, the real fireworks can begin.

Amber, Chantal, Kara, Jessica, Louise, Lisa, Sam, Laurina and Zoe are still in the competition from the original group, while the four girls from the new group are Anastasia, Lauren, Mary and Rachel. The two other new girls Tahnee and Aley did not survive the rose ceremony. They made a quick exit after a brief guest appearance.

Chantal is set to go on a single date, with Blake, in Wednesday's episode.

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