‘The Bachelor Australia’ Season 2 Preview: Arrival Of The Date Crashers, A Girl Rejects Blake's Red Rose[VIDEOS]

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The premiere episode of "The Bachelor Australia" Season 2 introduced for the first time, the concept of the white rose. Holly received this white rose and got a safe passage through the first two episodes. This week, the Australian version of the "The Bachelor" is introducing date-crashers to heighten the drama. The arrival of the new girls is set to make the remaining ten girls, from the original group, anxious about their future in the show, frustrated and bitchy.

The arrival of the girls in the fourth week is being promoted as "The Bachelor World First." In addition to that, the biggest twist, according to the preview, is that one of the girls is going to refuse Blake's red rose at the rose ceremony. Also, the Twitter page of "The Bachelor Australia" indicates that Blake is going to invite a bachelorette to his Bachelor's pad.

Meanwhile, Laurina is going on a single date with Blake on Wednesday, August 20, 2014. The reaction of Amber would be worth watching, as she and Laurina still have to settle their issues. Amber is not the one to mince her words when it comes to making her displeasure known, and Laurina is not a favourite of hers.

In the beginning, Laurina tried to wear the mask of mystery and appeared nonchalant. However, when she saw that she is being misunderstood because of that, she changed her game plan and lowered her guards a little. At the single date, she may have to reveal a lot more about herself. The girls have accused her of being a fake person and that she has not done enough to show her interest in the man. It will be interesting to see if there is another version of Laurina or diva Laurina is as real as it gets.

The last episode of "The Bachelor Australia" saw the exit of Katrina, Anita and Diana. The show is going to miss the presence of Anita, as she was one of the quirky flavours of this season.

Meanwhile, Alana Wilkie recently posted a photo of herself kissing her boyfriend -- not Blake Garvey -- on Instagram, according to Sydney Morning Herald. The photo has since been deleted. Alana has yet to go on a single date, but Blake has showered her with ample attention at the group dates and at the cocktail parties, as well. It looks like she did not make a lasting impression on Blake.

[Youtube/ The Bachelor Australia]

[Youtube/The Bachelor Australia]

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