The Bachelor Australia Season 2 Premiere Episode Preview: 24 Women, 20 Red Roses and 1 White Rose

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It is once again the time to see 24 bachelorettes woo a handsome man to avoid elimination, and be in the race to become the love of his life. Perth based auctioneer Blake Garvey is the man to woo in the second season of "The Bachelor Australia." He is tall, dark and handsome and the same was said about last year's Bachelor, Tim Robards. But that does not make Garvey any less handsome and taller.

"The Bachelor Australia" Season 2 for the first time introduces the concept of white rose. Network Ten has not yet revealed what role this white rose is going to play in the new season. However in the first look video, host Osher Günsberg can be seen telling the girls that they would want the rose. In the premiere episode, there are 20 red roses and 24 bachelorettes are vying for Garvey's attention to get one of them. They are going to fight it out as if their lives depended on one red rose.

Speaking about if there is any Ali kind of moment, when she flipped into the water to get Tom's attention and hurt herself, in Season 2, Garvey said to Pop Sugar: "I've had some pretty spectacular adventures, without giving anything away, obviously. Definitely when you see it, it's in the moment. We've had some fantastic dates and some absolutely hilarious things happen on them, which has really led to the whole adventure."

He also told Pop Sugar that a girl has to just walk up to him and say "Hello" to get his attention. He revealed that he does not believe in pick-lines, as he finds them "sleazy." Garvey said that in the premiere episode, some of the girls have picked up unique ways to introduce themselves to him.

"I've had girls roller skate up to me in this, amongst a few others. I think it's brilliant. It's original, and it shows a bit of their character straight away, and maybe something they're into. I think fantastic, why not, roll with it, Garvey said to Pop Sugar.

The Twitter page of "The Bachelor Australia" tweeted that Garvey admits in the premiere episode that "he loves falling in love."

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