The Bachelor Australia Season 2: Mystery of White Rose Revealed, Who Received it

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The introduction of the white-rose in "The Bachelor Australia" Season 2 had trigged a round of speculation. The premiere episode revealed what is special about the one white rose atop the bed of 20 red roses . The girl receiving it skips two rounds of the rose ceremony, the elimination rounds. She gets safe passage through two episodes. The bachelor of this season gave the white rose to the girl who made the greatest impression on him.

Blake Garvey gave the white rose to Holly. According to Blake, she made a great first impression on him. Holly was the first one to get down from the car and walk towards Blake to introduce herself to him. Blake felt that she made the perfect first impression, while Holly felt the spark. Blake also chose her for his first one to one chat, which was soon interrupted by Kara. Holly was polite enough to let her join them.   

Holly felt that she and Blake had a lot of things in common. She too has something to do with real estate, and called herself the assistant. Blake is a Perth-based real estate auctioneer and Holly wants to be a real estate agent one day. But, that has to wait as her net-ball career is still on, and which keeps her away from her family. 

Holly, 23, is a professional net-ball player. She has agreed to be part of "The Bachelor Australia" so that she could meet the man of her dreams. The six feet tall Holly is "very carefree and I don't take life too seriously," according to her profile page on Network Ten. She is looking for someone who is "ambitious, career-driven, cheeky, loves a good laugh and has a good relationship with his family."

There were four exits in the premiere episode. Emma L, Emma F, Karla and Samantha were the ones who did not get the red rose and had to leave the show.

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