‘The Bachelor Australia’ Season 2 Episode 9: Laurina’s Drama After Jessica, Blake Kiss On Group Date

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The cold, aloof, ''I've class', diva Laurina disappeared in episode 9 of "The Bachelor Australia" Season 2. The Laurina that one saw in the episode was hyper, rude, emotional, territorial and someone who has started seeing Blake as a potential partner. She finally came out of her 'I'm mysterious' shell and shed her 'I've too much dignity to fight over a man' attitude and showed her real self. Here is what happened in Episode 9 of "The Bachelor Australia" Season 2:

The original girls and the new girls were waiting for the card to arrive in the garden. The intense hostility of episode 9 was missing. There were no big friendly smiles and welcoming boards, but the girls were no longer in a mood to kill each other. Amber was expecting to get the single date card -- after the tantrum that she threw in episode 8, not accepting Blake's rose -- but it was Chantal's turn to go on the single date. The card said "Take a chance on me."

Chantal was disappointed to see that Blake was not in the limousine, though a bouquet was waiting for her. A beautiful black gown and diamond earrings were waiting for her in a hotel's room. When Blake saw her coming, wearing the gown and the earrings, he said that his jaw hit the floor. It was for the first time Chantal was on an "extravagant, opulent and indulgent" date and never before she had been showered with so many gifts. Blake showed her that he still has the key chain -- which has 'Let's hang' written on it -- that she gave to him during the introduction. It was fine dining date and it was Adriano Zumbo himself who brought the most gorgeous looking dessert to the table.

Blake and Chantal talked about having two kids and Chantal told him, when he asked, that she would like to go to Greece or Italy for her honeymoon.  Blake found his date relaxed and felt comfortable in her company. The two then hit the floor for some slow-dancing time, which led to the kissing moment. Chantal felt that she had some feelings for Blake, and which was a lovely foundation to build on. Afterwards, the two moved to the couch in a room. Chantal called herself smitten kitten and Blake gave her the red rose. The two kissed, kissed and kissed.

Chantal returned to the house and spilled the details, which saw a rise in the jealousy meter, as almost every girl in the house confessed that they felt jealous.

The group date card tried to pit the original girls against the new girls. The names of Amber, Laurina, Jessica, Kara, Rachel, Mary, Anastasia, Lauren were on the card. It was like four versus the four but Jessica became the catalyst that made the girls unite against her. Luna Park was the location for the group date. Osher wanted the girls and Blake to recapture their childhood joys.

Blake took Kara away to have a chat with her inside the Ferris wheel cage. Kara complained about being the last one from the old girls to get the rose at the last week's rose ceremony. She felt it was a pity rose. Blake assured her that it was not so and she became the second girl, after Chantal, to get the red rose in the episode. Jessica's tactics to get close to Blake were upsetting the rest of the girls. A couple of times they sabotaged her moves. Anastasia's motion sickness did not allow her to come close to Blake when they were sitting together on a ride.              

It was the Joy Wheel turn to decide who would get some alone time with Blake. The girl who manages to sit on it the longest would get Blake's solo attention and time. Jessica put on her smart hat and sat at the top and won the competition. The carousel ride with Blake was her reward. As Jessica is still 24, Blake wanted to make sure if she is ready to settle down, as he is seeking a long-term relationship. Jessica' words assured him. The rest of the girls saw Blake kissing Jessica and that triggered their anti-Jessica campaign. Laurina disclosed that she had told Jessica that if Blake kisses someone on the group date, she would bow out. Later at the cocktail party, the angry and rude Laurina lashed out at Jessica, which reduced the latter to tears. Chantal was not happy to know that Jessica stole her date moment by kissing Blake, and did not give her even a day to savour her date.

Laurina later approached Blake and expressed her hurt and that she was unable to maintain her dignity. She asked him whether he would let her go at the rose ceremony. Blake confessed that he would be dating her if they had met outside, and she is one of the few girls with whom he feels the connection. Blake was able to pacify Laurina. 

At the rose ceremony, Laurina thought that Blake would see that Jessica has been alienating everyone and would send her home packing. Jessica got the red rose before Laurina. And when her turn came, Laurina accepted the red rose, with a smile.

Anastasia did not get the red rose and she was not at all disappointed.  

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