‘The Bachelor Australia’ Season 2 Episode 8: Arrival of Six New Girls And Pack Of Wolves Unite

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The recent episodes of "The Bachelor Australia" Season 2 were turning out to be predictable and bland. There were no elements of shock and surprise. The episode 8 has saved the current season from becoming a lame, routine affair.  In addition to one of the most romantic dates, the episode featured the arrival of six new girls, which made the original girls put a full-stop on all the niceties and show their hyper, angry, hostile side. Blake, too, was not spared by the original team.

The episode began with nine girls and four of them, Amber, Chantal, Louise and Kara, had not yet gone on a single date. Like always, all the four girls wanted to receive the date card. It is Louise who got an invitation to sail away with the bachelor. Chantal called it her dream date. The girls, standing in the balcony, were jealous when Blake arrived in a yacht to take Louise for their date. Louise was jumping up and down seeing him arrive. The bachelor wanted to see her let her hair down and have some fun. He remembered the night of introduction, when she arrived holding her signature cocktail.

Blake and Louise sailed away to a private beach. The two fed each other and Blake said he loves a woman who loves her food, seeing Louise enjoy eating. He found Louise fun, driven and beautiful. Louise told him that her ideal man is someone who does not run away in time of need. Blake saw her as an incredible woman and it was a great first date for him. She saw him as a 'really' genuine guy. The two kissed standing on the deck as the sun set. It was a memorable moment for Blake and he said that he would never forget it. Louise returned to the house with the red rose. All the girls were jealous hearing the details about her romantic date with Blake.

Meanwhile, there was no group date card in this episode. There was a cryptic message, "cocktail and dreams," written on the card that the girls received. There were no names written on it.

At the cocktail party, Blake was as clueless as the girls about what was happening. Host Osher Gunsberg arrived and took Blake away with him. Blake, to his shock, came to know that he is set to meet new love interests. He was not prepared for that and also he thought about the girls in the house. He was sure that they would not digest this new calmly. He knew tempers and emotion were going to be 'definitely' flaring. Blake was not wrong in reading the situation and the reactions of the girls.

The new girls who arrived were 27-year old acting student, Mary; the medical sales rep. Rachel, 28, who reminded Blake about Holly; Aley, 25, the fashion blogger; Anastasia, 30, the lawyer with beauty and brains; Tahnee, 23, social media coordinator; and 27-year old dance and actor Lauren B. Among these girls, Lauren can give a tough competition to the old girls. At the time of introduction, the conversation between Blake and her was flowing, as it went back and forth, without any hiccup.

Mary was the first to enter the house and when she said she was there to date the bachelor, the girls were stumped and did not mask their displeasure. They were hostile and emotional. Mary felt that she was in the lion's den. The arrival of the other five girls made the girls, furious, insecure and territorial. It became the old girls versus the new girls. One of the new girls thoughts the old girls were like a pack of wolves.

Amber was hyper and did not hide her over-hyper emotions. Sam felt she has exposed herself too much and the arrival of the new girls was not at all fair. Both Sam and Amber were feeling that they have made a joke of themselves. Amber went upstairs and locked herself inside the room.

Blake's first priority was the old girls at that time. He approached Sam first to have a talk with her. She snubbed him and did not get up from her seat. She told him she is going back to her family. Blake did not give-up and managed to convince her to have a one-to-one talk with him. He calmed her down and said that she makes him laugh and smile. Afterwards, a tearful Lauren told Blake that she felt betrayed and she is hurt. Blake said to her that her vulnerability melts him and she is an interesting person. The man does know the art to make the girls believe in his words. The interceptor, Kara, of the old group told the new girls about the concept of intercepting. Tahnee tried to use her new found knowledge, immediately, but Blake was more interested in calming down the old girls. Kara called Tahnee's attempt pathetic. Blake later spent some time with the new girls, individually, to know more about them.

At the rose ceremony, Amber rejected the red rose. She walked away after hugging Blake. The man, however, did not let her go. He followed her and used his charm and words to make Amber come back and accept his red rose.

The two new girls Tahnee and Aley were sent packing on the first day. The old girls would have for sure pounced on the new girls if someone from the original team was the last girl standing, without a rose.

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