‘The Bachelor Australia’ Season 2 Episode 6: A Double Date, Pool Party, And Musician, Princess And Stalker’s Exit

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The episode 6 of "The Bachelor Australia" Season 2 saw the exit of three girls -- the professional musician Katrina, Diana, who claimed to be just like the Princess Diana, and the stalker of the first episode, Anita.

For the first time, the single date card arrived, with two names written on it -- Zoe and Katrina. From this date, only one of the girls would return to the house. It was revealed that these two curly hair girls did not get along. They had their differences and clashes in the house. They stayed away from each other.

Blake was waiting for them at the Chinese Garden of Friendship for an oriental rendezvous. At this diabolical double date, he wanted to see with whom he can see a future and who leaves a lasting impression on him. At the dinner table, it did not take him long to figure out that there was some tension between Katrina and Zoe. He asked the two bluntly if there was drama in the house and also are they friends. Katrina said that girls love drama and that they are indifferent to each other.

The trio tried some dishes that they would never eat, normally, including duck's tongue. Blake and Zoe shared notes about their travels outside Australia. Katrina tried to find a common ground to talk about. She brought-up the topic of Blake's upbringing and said both their fathers were missing from their lives. Zoe said that she is her father's little girl.

Afterwards at Katrina and Blake's one-to-one time, it was revealed that she had written about her engagement in the letter that she gave him in the previous episode. She was engaged to her best friend. She broke-down while talking about her engagement. Blake thought that Katrina wears her heart on her sleeve and found her genuine. Katrina told him that it would be foolish of him if he did not know her more.

Blake wanted to know why Zoe was holding back. Zoe said she is not looking for someone to date for two years, but someone to spend the rest of her life. She admitted that she was apprehensive about him.

Katrina did not receive the red rose, as Blake did not feel a connection with her. Blake asked Zoe to let her guards down, as he felt nervous around her. He also called her a person with the warmest heart and a beautiful soul. Blake gave her the red rose. He also presented a 62 diamond bracelet. Also, the bachelor kissed Zoe and also told her that he sees a potential future, with her.

The group date was a pool party. There was no competition to win some alone time with Blake. It was all about enjoying in a relaxed environment. Sam, Amber, Lisa, Chantal, Louise, Diana and Alana got the invitation to be on this group date. The girls made Blake take his shirt-off. Diana went on and on about her heaps of travelling. Chantal got the chance to recline with Blake on a mat and she tried to show him her best sexy posture. Blake took Louise aside and praised her beautiful eyes.

At the cocktail party, Blake said he is going to do the role reversal and approached Kara, the interceptor. Afterwards, Anita made her move when he came looking for Diana. The latter was not there at that moment and Anita grabbed the chance to spend some time with him. She had read enough on him to bring up the topic of his desire to have kids in the next four to five years. Anita said that she also envisions such a future. This future talk looks like speeded her exit.

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