‘The Bachelor Australia’ Season 2 Episode 5: 1950s Drive-In Date, Amber’s Secret Date And Lauren Exits

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Sam received the single date invitation card, which said "a picture speaks a thousand words." She jumped like a little girl in a candy shop who has received a lollipop.  And, hearing Sam's name, Amber threw a tantrum and shed some tears of disappointment. The girls were fed-up with Amber's loud antics.

Blake took Sam on a drive in a vintage Ford Thunderbird car. Sam called the car totally sexy like Blake. Blake felt that Sam makes him be himself. As she is a traditional girl and gives priority to family, Blake had planned an old fashioned romantic date at a drive-in. The two first spent time at a diner. Sam told him that she was the sports captain at her school. She could totally see a future with him. Afterwards, the two sat in the car and watched the movie called "The Life of Sam." It featured photos and video clippings of Sam's family and her as a little girl. There was also a message from Sam's sister. Her sister said that she too wants Sam to have a family of her own and that she finds love. She added, "May be the bachelor is the one for you." At the end of the date, Sam admitted that she is totally smitten. She kissed Blake after he gave her the red rose. Blake said that she is someone who is easy to fall in love with.

The group date card arrived for Chantal, Anita, Laurina, Jessica, Diana, Lauren and Amber. The location for the group date was Sydney Motorsport Park. There was a new spin on the blind date, which needed patience and trust. The girls were blindfolded and were asked to drive a car through a series of technical obstacles. Blake was the one helping them navigate the car. Chantal was not the best driver but she was a lot of fun. This gave her a chance for some high speed motor racing on the track, with Blake. Chantal, however, did not receive the red rose.

When the time came for Blake to leave, he expressed his desire to spend some one to one time with Amber. The cry-baby finally got to spend some time with the bachelor in a romantic set-up. Amber returned to the house, with the red rose and was her usual boisterous self. The girls were not happy seeing the red rose in her hand. They felt that she was undeserving and if Blake knew her true character, she would have been out by now.

At the cocktail party, Blake took Louise away from the rest of the girls to spend some alone time, with her. Before he could approach some other girl, Kara made her move. Katrina interrupted their one-to-one time and took Blake to another spot. Needless to say, Kara was not happy about that. Katrina gave Blake a sketch of his older-version, saying that she is deep.

Lauren was the last woman standing and bid a teary goodbye to Blake and rest of the girls. Back at the house, Chantal said that it is the harsh reality that they are competing against each other for one man. Amber was shedding tears because Lauren was eliminated. She ended-up irritating the girls more.     

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