The Bachelor Australia Season 2 Episode 4: One Quits the Show, Two Exits and Adventurous Single Date

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Professional net-ball player Holly's journey on "The Bachelor Australia" Season 2 has come to an end. She picked her professional net-ball career over finding love in the show. The 23-years-old was emerging as one of the strong contenders to reach the finale this season. A call from her mother changed everything. Holly got a net-ball playing offer, which she could not turn down as it may lead to playing in the national league.

In the first episode of the season, Holly received the first ever white-rose, which gave her safe passage through the first two episodes. She went on a single date with Blake in the third episode, and was overwhelmed after seeing what Blake had planned for her. Blake found her cute and cared about her. If Holly had stayed on, she would have been one of the favourites to win the final red rose from Blake.

In addition to Holly, two more girls exited the show. Shana and Stacey Louise did not receive the red roses and had to leave the competition. Shana admitted that she was falling in love with Blake, but the bachelor hardly noticed her.

The episode four opened with Lisa getting the single date invitation card. The rest of the girls were very much surprised, as she was never in the focus. The date card message said, "Do you feel the need for speed." The fashion designer, 27, hoped that the date had nothing to do with heights, as she is afraid of heights. The date began with flying high in the helicopter and they headed to Hunter Valley region. At the first stop, Lisa and Blake took different planes and went high and experienced the adrenaline rush moments when their planes flipped upside-down. According to Lisa, it was the scariest and the coolest thing that she has ever done.

The next stop was a romantic lunch at a restaurant in Hunter Valley. Blake informed Lisa that the restaurant is famous for its proposal, and the restaurant recently celebrated the 1000th proposal. Blake got down on his knee and offered Lisa the menu card.  Blake found Lisa a beautiful, genuine woman, with strength. He also did not feel any kind of nervousness or awkwardness between them, and the date was not like a typical date.  Unlike Holly, Lisa knew how it feels to be in love but she has yet to meet the right person. The two later went to another place to have dessert. Blake gave her the red rose and the kiss followed. Lisa returned to the house and told the girls the juicy details. Jessica was feeling uncomfortable. She wanted to know if Lisa's kiss made Blake tongue tied, but she still did not reveal about her and Blake's kiss.    

Holly, Lauren, Anita, Stacey-Louise, Diana, Alana, Zoe, Louise, Shana and Kara made it to the group date. It was a camping date to see how the girls conduct themselves in the outdoor. The group reached the camping site after a hike. Zoe and Alana received the red roses after Blake had a one to one talk with them. Holly told him about the net-ball playing offer and that she has made-up her mind to leave the show. She was grateful for the attention that Blake showered on her. Holly did not return to the house.

At the cocktail party, Amber got hold of Blake for a one-to-one talk. He, however, showed more interest in having a talk with Laurina. The surprise of the cocktail party was Laurina and Sam sitting beside each other, without throwing verbal volleys at each other. Sam had tried to bury the hatchet between the two, without apologising. Laurina was not much interested in small talks.

Blake was over-impressed when Laurina threw the word "sparkling mind" and that she wants a wild spirit and wants to tame hard. The diva for sure has jumped into the competition, discarding her mysterious hood. It would be interesting to see the reaction of Laurina when Sam gets the single date card in the next episode.  

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