The Bachelor Australia Season 2 Episode 3: Verbal Fight, Unforgettable Date and One Exit [RECAP]

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The third episode of "The Bachelor Australia" Season 2 was high on drama, with Laurina finding herself isolated and involved in two verbal fights. The episode began on a romantic note and towards the end, things turned ugly.

The date card arrived for Holy so that she and Blake could get in-tune, with each other. Blake felt that there is a great chemistry between the two and he said that he found Holly cute. Also, he admitted that he does have feelings for her. She confessed that has never been in a relationship before and wants to fall in love. Blake took her to their date destination, Palm Beach, in a sea-plane. The surprise waiting for Holly was the orchestra -- a group of musicians playing music for the couple under the open-sky, near the sea-side.  A clearly overwhelmed Holly was reduced to tears and she hugged Blake. The man was pleased and found her reaction genuine, as one cannot fake tears.

Later, Blake was surprised to know that Holly is still inexperienced when it comes to men and relationship. He wanted to know where she is in her life and called her a "great, great woman." The kiss between the two, however, was a missed opportunity. Blake told to the camera that he wants to go slow with her because she has never been in a relationship, before. Holly returned to the house, with a rose and kept mum about the missed-kiss.

For the group date, Lisa, Amber, Shana, Sam, Zoe, Laurina, Katrina, Chantal, Lauren were asked out. The girls were not happy that Laurina has also got the invitation for the group date.  The date location was the farm, with horses. And, Amber had to leave, as she revealed that has severe allergy to horses. The rest of the girls found out that they had to stay the longest on the mechanical bull to win a one to one time with Blake. Sam managed to stay on the bull for 28 seconds and Laurina beat that score by staying on the bull for 30 seconds. It was written on all the girls' faces that they wanted Laurina to fail, especially Sam.   

Blake was wary as well as was looking forward to spend time with Laurina, as he felt that she has her own agenda and her own reasons to join the show. The ice-cold, diva was taken-aback when he directly asked her what kind of experience she wants from being in the show.  She soon composed herself and said that she is there to find love. Sam also got to spend some alone time with Blake. At the group date, no one received the red rose, though there was a red rose to give.     

In the episode, Laurina decided to come out of her 'I'm mysterious' zone and make herself more open. She was anxious that Blake may have misunderstood her and was eager to spend some alone time with him, so that she could make herself clear. This anxiousness led her to crash Blake's one-to-one time with Anita.

Anita was less of a stalker and more of a nervous, anxious person. When she finally got her one-to-one date with Blake, her hands were shaking because of nervousness. Laurina checked with Amber if it was okay if she went and joined Anita and Blake, as Anita had already spent some time with Blake. To see the rest of the girls ganging-up against Laurina, Amber encouraged Laurina to go ahead.

Anita had to leave Blake and Laurina alone, as they found a common topic to talk on. When Laurina returned to the girls after opening-up with Blake and clearing-up things, the claws were out. Sam verbally lashed out at Laurina for being selfish and not being considerate about others. Laurina called Sam vicious. When Laurina went to Amber, she did not find any support, instead Amber called her fake. Alana did not like that all the girls were attacking Laurina. She went to check on her in the kitchen and hugged her.

At the rose ceremony, Amanda was the last woman standing and without a red rose. Before the start of the ceremony, Holly felt sick. Some of the girls thought it must be Holly's plan to spend more time with the bachelor, as Blake helped her and like a gentleman went with her till her part of the house.

Post rose ceremony, Laurina told the girls that Sam -- who was not sitting with them at that moment -- apologised to her for her outburst. She was expecting a similar apology from Amber. But, Amber was not in a mood to do that, and she shot more rude words at Laurina.   

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