The Bachelor Australia Season 2 Episode 2: Electric Fairytale Date and First Kiss, Two Eliminations

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The second episode of "The Bachelor Australia" Season 2 featured a fairy-tale date, the first kiss of the season, a wedding photo-shoot and two eliminations. Bridgette and Tiarnar were the last two women standing at the rose ceremony and had to leave the competition.

The big smile of Jessica, the accounting student, won her the first solo date, with Blake. The location of the date was almost fairytale like. It was an indoor ice-skating rink, which was beautifully lit-up and there were candles and the snow was falling. Jessica and Blake took a round on their ice skates, and then Blake suggested something. Jessica trusted him and skated towards him and then took a jump in his arms. Blake lost his balance and both fell down, but thankfully they escaped injuries and had a good laugh.

Blake presented Jessica a beautiful white gown for their dinner date. The bachelor became speechless when his date arrived wearing his present. At the date, Blake gave the first red rose of the episode to Jessica. And, Jessica broke her no kiss on first date rule. The two kissed and kissed, again. Blake described the whole moment as electric. Back at the house, Jessica spilled some details but kept the juicy titbits to herself. She did not tell the curious bunch that she and Blake kissed.          

Alana, Bridgette, Anita, Sam, Holly, Diana, Laurina, Tiarnar, Amanda, Karla, Louise, Stacey Louise were invited for the group date. Blake had arrived at the house to pick Jessica for their solo-date, and for the group date, Blake was waiting for them at the venue. The task assigned for the group date was wedding theme photo-shoot for Woman's Day Magazine. The catch here was only four girls would get to be Blake's bride and the rest of the girls would dress-up as bridesmaids.  Alana, Diana, Stacey Louise and Laurina were given the wedding gowns.

In the make-up room, Tiarnar threw a fit because she did not like her hairstyle. The girls called Laurina, the Bridezilla. Laurina was confident personified at the first photo-shoot, as she had some modelling experience. Bride number 2, Alana was shy and a bundle of nerves and Blake had to guide her. He found her stunning and elegant. Stacey Louise and Blake's photo-shoot was hot, while with Diana, it was lots of smiles and chatter. Diana shared that she wants a wedding where she feels like a Cinderella, there is a horse carriage, Prince charming waiting for her, Mickey Mouse as a celebrant and it is at the fairytale Disney land.

At the cocktail party, Blake approached Alana to spend some alone time with her. He later gave her the second rose of the day. Throughout the episode, Anita continued to voice her thoughts dipped in the tar of jealously. She, however, did not get an opportunity to get close to Blake, and this episode, she did not acted like the hunter.          

Laurina, the ice-cold, mysterious diva, is emerging as the antagonist for the rest of the girls in the second season of "The Bachelor Australia."At the group date, the girls were 'definitely' not happy when she was announced as one of the brides for the photo-shoot. The girls -- especially Sam -- were also upset when she got a rose at the rose ceremony. The fashion entrepreneur, however, does not care what the girls think about her. She just wants her mysterious aura to keep Blake Garvey interested and curious about her.

However, Laurina was upset when her best buddy in the house Tiarnar made an exit. And, Chantal was unable to fathom why Laurina is shedding tears, as she should be happy about getting the rose. According to Laurina, receiving a rose is not a big deal, as she does not know the man and does not care for him. She also pointed out that Blake is still dating nearly 20 women and she is not yet emotionally invested in him. 

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