‘The Bachelor Australia’ Season 2 Episode 11: Amber Exits Without A Rose Ceremony

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There was no rose ceremony in episode 11 of "The Bachelor Australia" Season 2. Amber, however, left the competition, without saying goodbye to her friends [it did not look like she had one] inside the house. At the end of the episode, Blake finally found the time to have a chat with Amber and told her that he is unable to connect with her. He did not feel that it was fair to put Amber through another rose ceremony. He said goodbye to her outside the house and Amber got in the limousine and left. It is Osher who informed the girls about Amber's exit and that there would be no rose ceremony on that day. None of the girls looked sad.

In the Wednesday night episode, Amber was once again ignored for the single date. The group date did not happen. Osher brought to the house three single date cards. They were for Sam, Laurina and the new girl Lauren. Needless to say, Amber was 'mighty' disappointed and the three girls were all smiles and euphoric.

Sam and Blake's date card said: "Let's make the perfect get-away." A helicopter was waiting for Sam and Blake to take them to Sydney polo ground. Blake wanted to whisk Sam away to a special place, while Sam was feeling the butterflies in her stomach. She admitted that she sees a future with Blake and the man wanted to be sure if she sees a future and that they can take the relationship to another level. It was a country side arrangement for this date. Sam talked about her hurtful past experiences. Blake was happy with the way things were progressing and felt protective towards her. He felt that their similar dorky sides make them a pretty cool combination. While Sam was on the swing, Blake gave her the red rose as he was having an incredible time with her. The two later kissed. Sam confessed that she is falling in love with him.  

Lauren and Blake's date card said: "To speak the language of love." It was an Italian setting for this date. It was Italian dinner date. Blake wanted to see if he has chemistry with Lauren and as she has never been in love before, he was wanted to know what Lauren is looking for. The conversation with her made him feel that he would like to know more about her. He gave her the red rose.

Laurina and Blake's date card said: "Let's strike up the perfect partnership." Laurina had high expectation from this date. She was dressed up in a little, emerald dress, and was wearing high heels, and she took Blake's breath away when she walked towards the limousine to join him. The first stop of the date was the bowling alley. Laurina looked crest-fallen, as it was nowhere close to her expensive, dream date. Plus, she was wearing heels. She wore the right shoes but was still uncomfortable because of the shoes-dress mismatch. In her first attempt, Laurina rolled the ball, half-heartedly, and missed all the targets, except one. Blake hit his targets cleanly. When he looked around to celebrate with Laurina, he saw the most unimpressed look of his life. Blake convinced her to have fun. Laurina gave in and started rolling the balls, hitting her targets. She wanted a romantic dinner if she won.  

Laurina was looking forward to a fine-dining date. Blake took her to the iconic Harry's Cafe de Wheels, known for its pies. He always wanted to visit the place. Laurina did not hide her disappointment and her heart dropped a little. Later, she burst into tears, as she felt that it was some kind of test and she was supposed to prove herself. Blake realised that this date has backfired on him. He later took her to a bench under a tree, which was lit-up with fairy-lights and candle lamps. The date ended on a high note when Blake gave Laurina her dog, Bambi. She returned to the house with her dog, but there was no red rose.

At the cocktail party, Blake took Laurina away to see if she was fine. Rachel got to spend some alone time with Blake, as it was her birthday. Amber has had enough of being ignored and walked out of the room. Afterwards, Blake finally approached Amber, only to tell her that he is thinking long-term, and which leads to love. He did not see Amber as a potential love interest. He wished her the best and said goodbye.

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