The Bachelor Australia Season 2, Episode 1: One Hunter, One Diva and Four Exit

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The first episode of "The Bachelor Australia" Season 2 opened with the introduction of Blake and his sweet little family. Blake's mother and grand-mother were introduced. Blake revealed that his father was never in the picture, and his mother had him when she was 17 and she raised him as a single mother, with the help of his grandmother. He wants to have a family, with a couple of kids and be present in his kids' life. Blake wants to be the father that he never had. The piece of advice that Blake received from his mom, be respectful and have fun. In the introduction, Blake came across as a thorough gentleman who values his family and is a great catch for any woman out there.

Holly was the first to arrive to kick-start the introduction round. The girl felt the sparks, while the bachelor described it as the perfect first impression. The accounting student Jessica, 24, distracted Blake, as he found her stunning. Louise, the events planner, brought a present for Blake, her signature cocktail, and Blake found it creative and was impressed. Amber, the Canadian girl, arrived to give some serious competition to the Australian beauties. Diana, just like the princess, who was sporting a tiara, arrived with a crown to put on her Prince Charming. Blake obliged and wore the crown.  Anita, one of the main attractions of the premiere episode, sang a song for Blake, proving she is not a great singer but she will do anything to win the man's heart. The full time musician Katrina brought her guitar and sang a song to serenade Blake. The man for sure was touched, as Katrina was one of the first girls to get the red rose. The last to arrive for the introduction ceremony was fashion entrepreneur, Laurina. Blake was zapped, as he thought she looked like Audrey Hepburn.         

The host, Osher Gunsberg, did not wait till the end to tell the girls about the white rose. The single white rose turned out to be the immunity card. The white rose girl would not have to worry about exiting the show in the first two episodes. To receive it, she has to make the 'greatest' impression on Blake. Holly, the six feet tall net-ball player, was the lucky one to receive it.

Anita, the dog groomer, was the highlight of Episode 1. She was just like a hunter, as some of the girls described her, on a prowl and Blake was her prey. She continued to stalk Blake and was the most impatient one among the 24 girls. She was disappointed when her first attempt to have a one to one chat with Blake failed, but she did not give-up. Finally, her efforts, at times bordering creepiness, paid off and Blake chose her for the one to one chat.   At the rose ceremony, she was the last one to get the red rose.

Unlike Anita, Laurina thought maintaining her mystery and not acting like a desperate woman would make a great impression. She acted like a complete diva, with a cold attitude. When Blake wanted to have a one-to-one chat with her, Laurina did not grab it and stopped Jessica from leaving them alone.  Soon, she got-up and walked away, leaving Blake and Jessica to continue their chat. Blake was confused whether Laurina is interested in him or not. Laurina was more interested in cleaning the table, but she was confident that her cold, mysterious attitude will get the red rose. And, she was correct and she was one of the 24 girls to get the red rose.

The four girls who failed to get the red rose from Blake are Samantha, Emma L and Emma F and Kara. They exited the show.

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