The Bachelor Australia Preview: Spectacular First Dates in Season 2, Episode 3 [VIDEO]

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"The Bachelor Australia" season 2 episode 2 saw Jessica receiving the first date card. Blake Garvey took her to an indoor ice-rink for their date. The two wrapped up their fairytale date on a high note. Blake not only gave Jessica the first red rose of the episode but they also kissed. The third episode will see Holly, the professional netball player, going on a solo date, with the handsome bachelor, according to the preview of the episode.

In the premiere episode of season 2, Holly was the first girl to introduce herself to Blake. Later at the cocktail party, she was the first girl to spend one-to-one time with Blake. And Blake gave her the white rose as well, which gave her the safe passage through two episodes. This Wednesday, Blake is sending her the date card.

In the new episode, Holly will be reduced to tears [tears of joy], seeing what Blake has planned for their date. The sneak peek of the episode calls the moment "unforgettable." Blake can be heard saying, "You can't beat a moment like that." Overwhelmed with what she sees, Holly is going to hug Blake, the sneak peek suggests.

The preview clip suggests that the adventure planned for the group date is going to "blow them [girls] away." According to "The Bachelor Australia" Twitter page, "Blake has some SPECTACULAR dates planned this week!" Also, the preview indicates that this week the bachelor will be kissing a couple of girls.

The premiere episode of "The Bachelor Australia" saw the introduction of 24 beautiful girls. The first episode saw the exit of four girls and in the second episode, there were two eliminations. As Holly received the white rose in the first episode, she did not have to worry about her exit. The power of the white rose, which was introduced for the first time, has now withered and Holly is no longer safe till she gets the red rose. The sneak peek and the preview suggest that she is likely to get the red rose during the date.

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