The Bachelor Australia: Blake Garvey Talks Adventurous Past, Season 2 First Look [VIDEO]

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"The Bachelor Australia" is set to premiere this Wednesday, and just before that the Bachelor of this season, Blake Garvey has spilled details about his days as a stripper, which he calls his adventurous past.   

In an interview with Herald Sun, Garvey, 31, revealed, "A high school friend had someone pull out at the last minute for her hens' night and needed a fill in. She begged me. I gave it a whirl, it was pretty funny. We've all had adventurous pasts."

Garvey is getting inspired by the love story of last year's Bachelor, Tim Robards. The Season 1 finale saw Tim confess to Anna that he loves her and gave her the final rose.  Tim and Anna have been inseparable since then. Recently, it was reported that Tim and Anna have taken their relationship to the next level by moving in, together.

Speaking about what he expects from the reality show, Garvey said to Herald Sun, "They [Anna and Tim] are still going strong and I heard they've moved in together. It's beautiful that they're very much in love. Going into the show, I thought, 'This is a process that can very much work and I have faith in it'."

The tall handsome Garvey is a Perth based auctioneer. In the first look video, he says that he has to be vulnerable, which is also a way to make the girls open up to him. He can be seen saying, "I do believe there's one girl out there for me." In the video, he is hoping to get a glimpse of a woman, with whom he can spend the rest of his life.

The new season of "The Bachelor Australia" has a mysterious white rose in addition to the red roses. In addition to that, there will new round of bitchiness, heart-breaks, drama, tears of pain and joy and finally, a new couple at the end of the season.  

The first look video shows Garvey raising a toast, surrounding by 24 bachelorettes, to the incredible journey that they are about to go on and to love.

There are 24 women and Garvey has only 20 roses to give. There are likely to be four eliminations in the first episode. Will the white rose save someone and give her some special powers? Osher Günsberg, the host, can be seen telling the girls in the first look video, "believe me, you want the white rose." 

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