‘The Bachelor’ 2014 Winner Nikki Ferrell Has ‘Baby Fever’; Planning to Start a Family with Juan Pablo Galavis?

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Nikki Ferrell and "The Bachelor" (2014) star Juan Pablo may appear to be together, but rumors are they maybe faking closeness and bond. But according to the recent reports, "The Bachelor" couple is planning to start a family of their own. Read on to find more details.

Juan Pablo Galavis chose Nikki Ferrell as the winner of "The Bachelor" 2014 as well as his partner in the final Rose Ceremony. But there was no proposal at the end of the show, to everyone's shock. Their relationship is constantly scrutinized and has been subjected to several controversial claims about their togetherness.

According to April 7 cover page of Life & Style magazine, Nikki Ferrell has a "case of baby fever" as reported by Hollywood Life. Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell seem more than eager to start a family together and take their relationship to the next level. Nikki Ferrell reportedly wants to have a baby with Juan Pablo, who already has a 5-year-old daughter named Camila. But are they really ready? The title of the cover story of the magazine reads: "A Fake Relationship Suddenly Turns All Too Real."

To everyone's surprise, the couple feels that they are ready to start a new life. "They're totally on the same page. Both of them expressed they want more children, a big family," revealed Elizabeth Carroll who is couple's counselor to Hollywood Life.

A report by Examiner revealed that on March 23, Nikki Ferrell posted a short video with a baby on Instagram. The caption read #babyfever. However, the Web site speculates that "it is very early in their relationship," to think of a family together. Juan Pablo hasn't even "proposed yet."

Furthermore, a source close to the couple revealed that Nikki Ferrell is anticipating her relationship with Juan Pablo "to progress like any healthy relationship would."

"But if Nikki got pregnant, Juan Pablo wouldn't exactly be over the moon," added the source as quoted by Hollywood Life.

Do you think Nikki Ferrell and "The Bachelor" star Juan Pablo are actually ready to have a baby of their own? Do you think they are ready to take responsibilities of a parent?

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