The Bachelor 2014 Shocker, Update: Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Could Be Engaged Suggests Twitter Post

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Rumour mill is abuzz with speculations about Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell's engagement. Fans and media outlets are wondering if "The Bachelor" star JPG has already proposed to the winner of season 18. The couple sparked engagement news after Juan Pablo posted a picture on Twitter suggesting the same.

When Juan Pablo refused to propose to the winner on "The Bachelor" 2014 After the Rose Ceremony, it was thought his relationship with Nikki Ferrell is mere eyewash and nothing more. Fans thought he is the worst bachelor and their relationship is bound to end without engagement or marriage. But the couple is reportedly doing well and their frequent Twitter updates are proof of that.

Juan Pablo's recent Twitter post has got everyone curious. On Thursday, June 19, Juan Pablo posted a photo that says more than he may have intended to reveal. The photo shows a woman on his side and if looked at it closely it shows a ring on the woman's ring finger.  

The caption on the photo reads: "PERFECT night... She is CHECKING on the players and she HAS her favorites..."

He hasn't revealed who is checking on her favourite players. Now the photo has left everyone guessing if it's Nikki Ferrell's hand and Juan Pablo is trying to send out a message in a coded manner.

But it can't be said for sure if Nikki and Juan are having the "perfect night" together. Wetpaint suggests that Juan Pablo Galavis still hangs out with his ex-wife and mother of his daughter, Carla Rodriguez. The report also notes that the hand which looks "a might bit large for a 5-year-old," could be his daughter Camila's.

However, the Web site suggests that the Twitter photo is "engagement announcement," since the photo is also captioned "Perfect night."

Meanwhile, it is said the couple is set to appear on the show "Couples Therapy" scheduled for fall, 2014. Furthermore, Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell are trying for their first child together at the moment, according to Fashion & Style. Citing the claims of Life & Style magazine, the Web site notes that Nikki Ferrell was recently suffering from "baby fever."

"They're totally on the same page," said Elizabeth Carroll, a couples counsellor, who met Galavis and Ferrell. "Both of them expressed they want more children, a big family, " noted the website. The question is, is Juan Pablo ready for another child? What do you think? Also let us know if you think its Nikki Ferrell's hand and the couple is letting their fans know that they are engaged.

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