'The Bachelor' (2014) Season 18 Episode 25 Spoliers: Andi Dorfman Dumps Juan Pablo Galavis,Calls Him Rude After Spending The Night

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In a shocking revelation, one of the Jaun Pablo's final 3 bachelorettes will dump him in episode 25 of "The Bachelor". According to Reality World.com, Jaun Pablo will be dumped for being arrogant after sleeping with one of the bachelorettes and after listening to this reportedly the bachelorette who will dump him will  be none other than Andi Dorfman.

If the trailer of the Episode 25 of the "The Bachelor" is anything to go by then as per the rumors Andi will quit the show and after spending a night with Pablo in fantasy-suite date in St. Lucia.

US weekly reported in its latest issue that in all probability Andi would quit the show after a steamy over night session with Juan Pablo Galavis in the fantasy suit

"She sleeps with Juan Pablo and they stay up the rest of the night talking," a show source told US Weekly.

The buzz is that Jaun Pablo Galavis will disappoint Andi by discussion his fantasy suit date with another bachelorette in running. The former pro soccer player will also talk about he totally ignored her after getting intimate.

"It was very close and you almost got sent home," Galavis told the woman, according to the source, who added, "Juan Pablo talks a lot without thinking."

The source further revealed, "She tells him there's a difference between being honest and being an asshole."

The bachelorette will probably spend the night Galavis and leave the fantasy suit surreptitiously the next morning without telling anyone. Later it will be revealed that the woman has left the show and in turn has left Juan Pablo too.

"I could not wait to get out of the fantasy suite. I would describe his behavior as immature, rude, and inappropriate. All of it together was a disaster. He thinks he can say whatever he wants to say and everyone will laugh and fall in love with him and it's all fun and games," the bachelorette said in an on-camera confessional, according to the show source.

Let us know what you think about one of the finalists leaving the show due to Juan's alleged immature behavior?

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