‘The Bachelor’ 2014 Premiere Episode SPOILERS: Unimpressed Opera Singer Gets First Impression Rose, Nine Exit

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"The Bachelor" returned for its new edition on Monday, with a two-hour long premiere episode. The former pro-soccer player, Juan Pablo, introduced his four-year-old daughter, Camila, in the premiere episode.

At the beginning of the episode, there were 27 bachelorettes competing to get the attention of Juan and also a red rose. At the end of the episode, nine of the contestant were left stranded without the red rose and sent home.

Canadian Sharleen, an opera singer, receives the first impression rose. However, she is not much impressed and it looks she did not find the bachelor interesting. She would have liked if Pablo had called for a cab and sent her home. Sharleen accepts the first impression rose, reluctantly.

Amy L, Christy, Clare Elise, Lucy, Nikki, Kat, Andi, Alli, Chantel, Lauren S., Danielle, Renee, Chelsie, Cassandra and Victoria were the lucky ones to survive in the premiere episode. Alexis, Amy J., Ashley, Christine L, Kylie, Lacy, Lauren H., Maggie, Valerie perished.

Top Moments of 'The Bachelor' Premiere Episode: Christy brings a bracelet for Pablo's daughter. Lauren S brings her piano and forgets to tell her name to the bachelor. Nikki comes armed with a stethoscope to make Pablo hear the fast beats of her heart. Clare provides drama, with her fake pregnancy act. It does not turn out to be a turn-off act for Pablo, as he thinks Clare is cute. Clare also gets the first red rose of the season. Amy J gives Pablo a massage treatment.   

The attentive eyes of the 27 bachelorettes made Pablo feel like a meat that the ladies want to gobble-up. It is just the beginning for the bachelor. Pablo has described his ultimate date as: "Having a special lunch with the love of my life on a tepui -- a mountainous plateau -- in Canaima [National Park in Venezuela], and flying on a helicopter around the jungle and stopping to eat on top of a tepui."

The season has just started and it will be interesting to see Pablo trying to find his right girl while the girls woo him. 

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