Baby Health Advisory: 'Packaging Defect' Prompts Heinz Canada to Voluntarily Recall 6 Baby Food Products

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Heinz Canada has decided to voluntarily recall some of its baby food products after discovering a defect in its packaging that could spoil the contents of the items.

The specific varieties included in the Heinz Canada recall are:

  • Peas, zucchini, spinach
  • Sweet baby vegetables
  • Beef bolognese with vegetables
  • Beef butternut squash rice spinach
  • Tuna sweet corn chowder
  • Butternut squash apricot peas couscous

All affected products come in 128-ml squeeze pouches.

A consumer complaint triggered the recall. No illnesses were reported, however.

"The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is informing the public that Heinz Canada has conducted a voluntary recall. The products may contain a packaging defect that may allow the entry of spoilage microorganisms," CFIA said in a statement.

Health Canada, based on a safety assessment of the products, said the risk from consuming the foods from these containers has been found to be very low to remote.

The body advised people who have fed the products to their children to watch for symptoms like nausea and diarrhea.

Both Health Canada and the CFIA provided the product recall advisory on Monday.

Consumers are advised to call Heinz Canada at 1-888-570-1675 or email them at if they have further inquiries.

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