Baby George Takes First Steps in Australia

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Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge watch as her son Prince George looks at an Australian animal called a Bilby during a visit to Sydney's Taronga Zoo
Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge watch as her son Prince George looks at an Australian animal called a Bilby, which has been named after the young Prince, during a visit to Sydney's Taronga Zoo REUTERS/Chris Jackson

Baby George had practiced his first steps dragging his little feet from one piece of furniture to another during their first trip in Australia and New Zealand in April.

Despite being apprehensive about the long trip to Australia, tropical climate and extreme media coverage, William was decided to take Baby George for the trip. Thankfully, the Queen allowed them to travel together despite a breach to the protocol that direct heirs should not be travelling together, Vanity Fair contributor Katie Nicholl wrote.

According to the article published for the magazine's August issue where baby George is also featured on the cover, William had no regret in bringing baby George with them.

"George didn't really suffer from jet lag - he settled down very quickly," a source told Nicholl.

Prior to the family's trip to the country, Kate had reportedly sought a full-time nanny after baby George's nanny said she cannot travel with them. Kate asked her close friend for recommendations and ended up hiring Spanish-born Maria Teresa Turrion Borallo.

Borallo is experienced in self-defence, high-speed driving and dealing with the paparazzi, Nicholls wrote. Before the trip, Borallo was instructed to bond first with baby George for a week, while William and Kate took off to Maldives for their round of honeymoon.

According to palace insiders interviewed by Nicholl for her Vanity Fair article, the couple plans to raise baby George just as how other parents raise their babies. They usually schedule playdates at homes with their friends.

Baby George might also be welcoming a sibling as the couple had reportedly been planning for another baby come summer time.

The family's trip to Australia brought dramatic surge to tourism in the country as bookings from British travellers increased.

Daily inquiries to saw 125 per cent increase, according to Tourism Australia Managing Director John O'Sullivan.

"I have no doubt that we're going to see a positive impact on visitor arrivals, especially from the US and the UK, two of our largest volume and most valuable traditional markets," he said.

According to booking site, inquiries to Adelaide surged to 213 per cent.

"We had a spike in website traffic and have seen an increase of calls into our call centre with a an increase in primarily domestic bookings at this stage with an expectation of a pick-up internationally in the next three to six months," Ray Stone from Voyages indigenous Tourism said.

 Austravel, based in UK, said that after the family's trip to the country, travelers are calling their office every seven minutes to inquire about the places that the family visited. Their booking surged to 120 per cent.

 "The Kate Middleton effect strikes again, but this time it's not the latest dress the nation is after, it's a holiday. Following what looked to be a wonderful trip to the land down under by Kate and Wills, it's no surprise the nation is looking to wave goodbye to the grey British weather and soak up some Australian sunshine, Austravel Manager Karen Joyce said.

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