Baby Flung From Car in Russia Miraculously Survives [VIDEO]


A heart-stopping accident occurred on the icy highway of Nizhny Novgorod in Russia where a driver lost control of the Mitsubishi minivan. The 1-year-old baby girl onboard, who flung from the vehicle after it smashed with an approaching truck, miraculously survived the incident.

According to the Russian police, the driver has been identified to be the 53-year-old Dmitry Aliev. The police further confirmed that Dmitry Aliev attempted to overtake another car which caused the road accident and the peril on the baby girl's life.

The accident was filmed like a car-crashing scene in a movie from the dashboard video camera of a vehicle traveling along the Russian highway. Drivers use such device to record highway accidents because of the dangerous road conditions in Russia.

Russian police further added that the baby should not have been thrown out of the car if she was placed in the baby car seat instead on a blanketed shelf under the rear window. Luckily, the other drivers managed to avoid hitting the baby who landed face first on the pavement.

In the footage, the oncoming large truck narrowly missed hitting the crawling baby while her parents immediately grabbed the little girl off the road. The baby suffered bruises and a mild head concussion. After receiving treatment, it has been confirmed that these injuries do not pose any threat to the baby's life.

However, this incident raises the concern on safety driving and responsible parenting. "That's such a good idea, keep your unbuckled kid in the 'trunk' of your car. Silly Russians," username "idontwritecomments" posted in reaction to the YouTube video link "Baby Thrown from car After Hitting a Truck on icy highway in Russia Caught on Tape."

Watch video footage below that shows the road accident in Russia how the baby girl survived.

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