Baby Crocodiles Discovered Swimming At Mt. Isa Aquatics Pool In Queensland Shocked Guests

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People swim in public pools as thousands took to the beaches on New Year's Day in Durban January 1, 2014.
People swim in public pools as thousands took to the beaches on New Year's Day in Durban January 1, 2014. REUTERS/Rogan Ward REUTERS

Mt. Isa has always been an oasis right in the middle of outback Queenland. But with baby crocodiles found swimming in their aquatics pool, this suddenly became a shocking tourist spot.

Many swimmers who visited Mt. Isa to swim got extremely shocked when they found nine freshwater baby crocodiles also taking a dip alongside with them. Some were also found under tables and right behind the roller doors, reported.

This was actually not the first time that this crocodile incident happened in the Mt. Isa pool. It was in 2010 when a freshwater crocodile was also caught in the pool. The freshie then measured 1 meter long. According to Pool Director Brian Rodriguez, the crocodiles also came as a surprise for them. "It is not every day you find little crocodiles swimming around," he added.

The pool director himself was the one who tried catching the four-week-old crocodiles who turned out to be fast-moving, not wanting to easily get caught.

Townsville Bulletin added in their full cover of the story that the six of the freshwater crocs measured about 20 cm to 30 cm. Rodriguez believed that the baby reptiles may have been placed in the pool as a prank. When they checked on their CCTV recordings, it showed a group of people hanging around 3 a.m. and after 20 minutes or so, the crocodiles were subtly seen swimming in the pool.

The baby crocodiles were all caught and placed inside a water tank to stay overnight while waiting for them to be picked up by the local ranger. Rodriguez emphasized that no one got hurt during the incident. However, Mt. Isa police sergeant found the occurrence quite odd.

Mt. Isa has always served as a must-see destination for many Aussies and tourists alike. It can be the ideal base camp for those looking to spend day trips along with catching other amazing attractions around the region. It is considered the first ever company town of Australia and after about several decades, it has emerged as one of the biggest and most popular industrial powerhouses in the country.

(Video Credit: YouTube/Mount Isa Chamber of Commerce)

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