'Baby Bible' as Kate Middleton’s Mom, Carole's Precious Gift to Prince William’s Wife and Son, Prince George

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It has been reported that Kate Middleton has been closer than ever to her Mum Carole following the birth of the third future King of England. And it will not come as a surprise since the proud granny has been giving her and Prince William, a hand in making sure Prince George grows up real fine.

And this is what the proud grandma does by making a “baby bible” for her own, “royal princess.” According to reports, this “baby bible” contains guidelines for the first time-parents, Prince William and Kate. Incidentally, Kate Middleteon has moved to her own place on the island of Anglesey after temporarily staying with the new grandma in Berkshire, England. Kate has stayed with mum immediately after giving birth to Prince George in July 2013.

And now that the Duchess of Cambridge has decided to leave Granny Carole presumably to take on more royal duties, a source revealed that “a manual full of information” is grandma’s precious gift to the new royal mom.

"[She's helped by leaving her a] baby bible," the source was quoted as telling UK magazine Look, according to Independent i.e.

This “baby bible” contains instructions and some reminders on how to take care of Prince George. Even the Duke of Cambridge has received some tips from his mother-in-law.

The source added, "Carole literally left them a whole list of instructions - everything from ideas on what to do if Prince George can't sleep, to tips on getting George to burp after a feed. It's basically a baby manual with reminders to help Kate if she is sleep-deprived. There are even pointers for William."

And now that the Royal couple will be on their own at Anglesey for a month, before finally moving to London, they could use a lot of tips. Prince William and Kate are reportedly moving to Kensington Palace after the renovation is done. It is said that the palace had to be undergo some refurbishing in preparation for the new Royal family when they move back in again.

Before Kate is away from her mom again, she has learned a great deal and reportedly “closer to her” than ever.

The source noted, "Unsurprisingly, as a result [of the stay in Berkshire], Kate and Carole are closer than ever. The duke and duchess are so grateful, they plan to treat Kate's parents to a break in Paris in October to say thank you."

"But first they have the big move back to London to make. There's a lot on their plate at the moment but they're looking forward to this fresh start as a family."

Mom knows best, indeed.

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