Awkward: Selena Gomez to Sit Beside Ariana Grande at Kids' Choice Awards

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Ariana Grande became Justin Bieber's best friend when Bieber had split-up with Selena Gomez and was grieving. At the time, Ariana had toured with Justin Bieber and reportedly knew all about his activities. Bieber and Gomez are a couple, again, but this has not ended Bieber and Grande's friendship. However, it can become a little awakward if Gomez and Grander are under the same roof, and find that they are sitting beside each other. This is likely to happen at the 2014 Kids Choice Awards. 

Gomez has been nominated for the Best Female Singer at 2014 Kids Choice Awards. According to media reports, she has none other than Grande as her seatmate. With Gomez and Bieber reconciliation, does this mean Gomez and Grande will become good friends, too? There is a highl possibility that it will become an awakward situation for the two girls.

According to Hollywood Life, since Grande has been Bieber's good buddy and had toured with him, it can be quite awkward for the two girls to sit beside each other. Grande knows all about Bieber's wandering eyes. Also, there were dating rumours about Grande and Bieber, following a controversial selfie pic that surfced on the Internet, showing Bieber giving Grande a cheeky kiss on the cheek. Also, there were reports that Justin has been flirting with Ariana through text. Ariana was quick to say no to the rumours before it could blow-out of proportion. There may not be a grain of truth in the rumours, but Grande and Selena at the same place can become a little awakward.

If the two, however, become fast friends, Bieber will certainly be elated, as a man's girl best friend and girlfriend becoming close friends has its own perks. What more, Ariana Grande can even be the maid of honor at Gomez-Bieber's wedding, if they walk down the aisle in the near future.

Selena and Justin have no qualms on getting married, or even having a lot of kids. "I can't wait to have a beautiful wife and little kids running around," Justin has shared with Life & Style magazine in August.

It has even been reported that the two believe that the church altar is their ultimate destination. "They think they're Romeo and Juliet," the reports have claimed. "The harder people try to keep them part, the more they want to be together. Justin has always told her he'd love to marry her. They both act on impulse - he'd marry her in a heartbeat, and I can totally see her running off with him."

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