‘Awkward’ Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: Jake and Matty Spend Time in Jail

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Jake and Matty spend the night in jail while Jenna decides to visit Luke at college. But Jake and Matty are not the only two people facing troubles in "Awkward" Season 4 Episode 8 and Tamara has found a new friend.

Jake and Matty spend the night in jail. They could make one phone call and Jake decided to call Jenna. Jenna however is preoccupied with Luke. Matty on the other hand spent the time in jail talking to Jordon, a lawyer arrested for a white collar crime.

Jenna plans for a college tour to lift everyone's spirits after the events of last week. Tamara is all set for the tour but Sadie was unwilling. Jenna gets a shocker when she sees Luke with another girl.

Tamara was the one to speak about what they were seeing while Jenna was just too shocked to say anything. Luke, however comes over and introduces the girl as Shane, his best friend and a lesbian. The introduction helped relieve a lot of tension.

Jenna will have to face some harsh realities about Luke. He is a scholarship student and needs to dedicate a lot of time to his studies rather than spending time with Jenna. Finding Luke with his friend Shane and realizing that Luke will need to focus on his studies may be difficult for Jenna.

Viewers have seen the character of Jenna grow stronger as a person in "Awkward" Season 4. Sadie may also be changing fast with Eva grabbing the viewers' attention for all the lies and backstabbing.

Perhaps the biggest development in "Awkward" Season 4 Episode 8 was the new relationship between Tamara and Shane. Shane is admittedly a lesbian and she tries to kiss Tamara. Tamara initially backs away but later gives in.

Sadie visits Matty in jail and helps them to get out and the first person Matty sees outside is Eva. Matty and Eva make their relationship official. More excitement is awaited in the next episode as Jenna gives out her reaction to Matty and Eva's relationship becoming official.

Perhaps the most interesting scenes to look forward to in the coming episodes of "Awkward" Season 4 are how Sadie deals with Eva. Will the relationship between Matty and Eva last? Or will their relationship be tested to the breaking point?

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