Avril Lavigne Strips Off Heavy Makeup, Looks a Lot Like Taylor Swift

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What would Avril Lavigne look like without her signature black eyeliner?

For perhaps the first time in her career, the "Complicated" singer goes on a photo shoot without the heavy eye makeup she is known for. The said photo shoot is for the January 2014 issue of Allure magazine, with Sebastian Kim behind the lens, Alice Lane doing her makeup and Paul Cavaco directing the entire shoot. 

The 'makeunder' look was, as Cavaco puts it, 'very, very clean,' with her hair straight and sleek, her face barely made up and the entire look making her pass as a deadringer for country singer Taylor Swift. 

'I didn't have very much makeup on, and just had a modern dress [and] bangs,' describes Avril.

In an interview with the magazine, Avril reveals that she wears black eyeliner -- M.A.C. Smolder in particular -- 'pretty much everyday.'

'I do it when I'm just at home,' tells the singer to Allure.

But she still gets to sport a smokey hairstyle in the same shoot, as her second look involves hair in loose curls, smokey eyes and black lace dress. 

'I was really comfortable with it because the eye makeup was very smokey which is what I like to rock all the time,' says Avril of her second look.

But even if she has been wearing the heavy eye makeup look for quite some time, Avril likes trying new things, thus she agreed to getting the makeover from Allure. 

'I like the idea of trying new things, of playing around-as long as you can go back to what you're comfortable in.'

Meanwhile, fans might never see the 29-year-old singer sport a shorter hairstyle, as Avril says she likes her hair long and always worn down. 

'I'm a shy person, so my hair is maybe a safety net,' says the singer with a smile.  

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