Avril Lavigne ‘Embarrassing’ Hello Kitty Music Video Leaves Fans Confused [WATCH]

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Avril Lavigne is slammed for her "Hello Kitty" single that has been recently released with her self-titled album.

Pop-rock superstar Avril Lavigne surprised fans and music critics alike upon releasing a "Hello Kitty" video in April 21, 2014. Far from the usual punk-pop genre the singer is known for, the 29-years-old singer sang a different tune with a few Japanese in the lyrics singing her adoration for Hello Kitty.

In the video, the Canadian pop-star is wearing a pink over-sized cup-cake shirt while she dances "generic moves" alongside four Asian back-up dancer as quoted by Billboard in an article. The music video shows of the singer singing on the streets, in the bedroom, walking inside a colourful candy store, and eating sushi in a restaurant.

Avril Lavigne Music Video [WATCH HERE]

Lavigne's fashion is notably different in the music video which at first glance can be mistaken for Katy Perry's similarly colourful ensemble on the latter's single "Last Friday Night T.G.I.F." Though both songs are far in comparison, Avril's new video is simply letting fans question the singer's artistic choice.

While Lavigne repeatedly sang "Come come Kitty Kitty/You're so pretty pretty" in the song, there were no scenes of the singer literally showcasing Hello Kitty stuffs. Primarily, the music video is a depiction of the Japanese pop culture where the character Hello Kitty originated. In an interview with Digital Spy UK, she shares that Hello Kitty is an interesting topic and she finds it exciting.

The single "Hello Kitty" from Avril Lavigne's self-titled album is a track she co-wrote with Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, her husband.

As of this writing, the Lavigne's music video continue to draw negative comments from the social media and different publications. Billboard, in its column calls the song an "embarrassment in any language," Jezebel tagged the song "offensive" and a "monstrosity." Hashtag #avrilracist even trend on Twitter with bashers blasting the song for being "insensitive and racist."

One Twitter user posted a tweet that he found the song "far worse than everyone has been saying."

On the other hand, strong supporters of the French-Canadian singer defended her noting that Lavigne is a "great artist & very talented!" Avril already broke her silence regarding the racist issue, airing her sentiments on Twitter and broadcasting her love for the Japanese culture.

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