‘Avatar’ Star Sam Worthington Cuffed and Arrested in Atlanta after Having Too Much To Drink?

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Reports came out this week that Aussie actor Sam Worthington got himself in trouble in Atlanta. It looks like the Avatar film hero had too much to drink.

Worthington had to be stopped with pepper spray and was ''handcuffed aggressively'' after resisting a security guard in a bar in Atlanta, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Jerry Links, the security guard at Vortex bar and grill in Midland Atlanta, told TMZ he told Worthington he couldn't be allow to get in the bar because he was too drunk. In response, the actor reportedly yelled, "I'm a DEA agent! You f**ked up now!"

Incidentally, Worthington is in Atlanta filming the upcoming action thriller "Ten." He and co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger are in the film as DEA agents who have gone rogue.

Links had to resort to pepper spray to stop the actor from being unruly. Worthington allegedly pushed the security guard twice, and this prompted Links to use the pepper spray on him.

Fairfax Media was able to hear from some witnesses, who happen to be Australians, as well.

"To be honest, we didn't recognise him [Worthington] initially, just that while he was on the pavement he was shouting for someone to rub his eyes and we all thought 'He's got an Aussie accent'. There are not many Australians here in Atlanta. Our waiter let us know that it was 'the guy from Avatar','' the witness told Fairfax Media.

"For a while he was alone and was really uncomfortable, pretty messy, with spit hanging from his face, beard," a witness said further.

"To be fair, he was very polite to security, and actually was addressing the bouncer as 'Sir', which shows he's been in town for a while. Atlanta is a VERY polite city," the witness noted.

Police took Worthington away within the hour, just after the paramedics treated him for the pepper spray effects. But the charges were dropped when the bar owner did not show up to file a formal complaint.

Was it a case of having too much to drink for the 36-year-old Australian actor? Or was the actor doing some kind of research for his role portrayal?

Worthington played Jake Sully in the box office hit "Avatar." He is also well-known as Perseus in "Clash of the Titans" and its sequel, "Wrath of the Titans."

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