Autistic Boy Tortured & Forced to Have Sex With Family Pet, 2 Teenage Girls Arrested

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Two girls, aged 17 and 15 respectively, were charged for forcing an autistic boy to have sex with an animal and filming the entire process.

The 16-year-old boy considered the 17-year-old girl, Lauren Bush [Image], and the 15-year-old unnamed girl as his friends. However, he might not have imagined that his friends would put a knife on his throat to have him perform such an act. He was also forced to walk on frozen waters. According to claims, he was even kicked in the groin and dragged by the hair by his girlfriends. The alleged video was discovered by the mother of one of the girls, who immediately informed the Maryland school they attend.

The mother of the boy told the Washington Post that her son considered those girls his friends. She called her son "fairly independent" even though he is "socially naïve." According to the mother, her son believed that one of the girls was his girlfriend and spent quality time with her on a regular basis and spent a lion share of his savings on her.

Interestingly, he still considers the girls as his friends and is surprised to know that the police have been involved. He thought the girls were "playing around" with him. His mother said that she was trying to convince him that the incident was heavily discussed on TV, but he insisted on attending school.

The St Mary's County Sheriff's Department, however, arrested Ms Bush and her accomplice. Sheriff Tim Cameron spoke to Daily News and said that he had never experienced such a case involving children in his career. He called the allegations "shocking" and "heinous" and termed them among the "worst" he had ever seen.

Mr Cameron said it was "beyond comprehension" that the boy was forced by the girls to masturbate and have sex with a family pet. The boy even sustained injuries due to the torture. He wondered how someone could display such evil and hatred to anyone.

The girls, on the other hand, admitted that they had filmed the act but gave no reason to justify it.

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