Author of Circumcision Study Not Linked to Gilgal Society

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Dr Brian J Morris, the author of the Australian study on the effect of circumcision on sexual gratification, said he is not a member of the Gilgal Society.

In a letter to International Business Times-Australia, Mr Morris wrote, "It would be completely against my character to be a member of a group that bears a religious name." He added that the allegations made by an International Business Times reader, Peter Spencer, who wrote to International Business Times-Australia and claimed Mr Morris's ties with Gilgal Society, which was cited in the article, "are highly offensive and completely at odds with my behavior as a respected academic who has recently been elevated to the position of Professor Emeritus by the University of Sydney."

The article had stressed that Mr Morris's so-called connection to the society is only alleged and also quoted portions of the professor's Web site wherein he emphasised that he has 43 years of medical research experience in various fields of specialisation, over 330 publications and has no religious bias or medico-legal concerns regarding circumcision.

It also cited statements from his Web site to further deny the link with the society, in the following quote: "I don't care what a person's circumcision status is. What I do care about is that professionals and the public alike be provided with reliable, well-researched information. I see this as part of my academic duty in the interest of education. It is then up to each person to apply this knowledge when making decisions in their own best interest or in the best interests of their children or patients."

The article likewise included his statement that there is a vast amount of misinformation from anti-circumcision groups where Mr Spencer obviously comes from.

However, the article, despite its effort to stress Mr Morris's credibility over the allegations of Mr Spencer, has offended the professor. For this, International Business Times-Australia is making this public apology to him.

International Business Times-Australia reiterates his position that Mr Morris has never been a member of Gilgal Society and apologises if the article has in any way cast doubt on his character or academic credentials.

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