Australia's Sally Pearson Silence Critics With A Fearsome Performance In The Heats Of 100m Hurdle

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Sally Pearson is all set to defend her Commonwealth
The Olympic gold medalists, is on course to defend her Commonwealth gold here at Glasgow. Reuters

If the timing of Eric Hollingworth's bashing didn't make sense, Sally Pearson's decision to prepare in London does. Sally has done, what an artist would be proud of. She has answered her critics through a fearsome performance in the 100m hurdle heats on Friday. She qualifies for the finals and will defend her gold at Glasgow.

She has been the topic of discussion on the social media for over a week now. After Eric's remarks pointing out that her "no-show sets a bad example for the entire national team". The comments were disturbing for the champion athlete. More than that, the bashing came hours before Sally was set to make her comeback from injury, the timing of the incident was the reason Eric was sent home. Distractions, suspensions and all the wrong things happening around meant Sally was the one under huge pressure prior to the event.

"It has been a huge distraction. I am in a really good head space at the moment. I want to keep it going," she told Channel Ten. "You saw how I ran tonight. It shows how important preparation is for an athlete. I missed the team camp. I know that I am the team captain and it would have been great there for team morale, but I know those athletes in the team, I know they work together really well".

Sally Pearson, who has won the 2011 world title and 2012 olympic gold went about her business as if she was competing for gold. She is the fourth fastest 100 m hurdler in the history and the 27 year is all set to defend her gold in this year's games.

She was coming back after a hamstring injury and was unsure about her prospects in the games this year. Rather than going for the customary training camp with her Athletics mates she planned to prepare at London, where she had won an Olympic gold in 2012.

Injuries bring mental blocks to the athletes and that is what Sally wanted to remove. "She is quite relaxed. She felt really, really good after London, we ticked those boxes with a couple of good training sessions so she is positive, relaxed and I think she just wants to get out there and race now", her coach Drinkwater-Newman said. No wonder she would be feeling a lot more relieved now.

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