Australia’s Live Cattle Export to Indonesia to Go Up by Over 70% in 2014

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The Australian live cattle export industry to Indonesia is expected to receive a boost in 2014, resulting in over 70 per cent increase of volume. It would reverse the large cuts made Jakarta the past few years in retaliation for the expose of mistreatment of the animal before slaughter and to reduce heavy reliance on imported Australian meat.

YouTube/Al Jazeera English

There is no official announcement yet from the Indonesian government - which has been at odds with Canberra the past few months over another matter, the spying allegations - but Indonesian media reported that beginning Jan 1, the quota system for beef and live cattle imports was abolished and replaced with a reference price system.

With an estimated 2013 export figure of 395,000 cattle head to Indonesia, the projected 77 per cent hike in 2014 export would boost the numbers to almost 700,000 cattle head.

The almost doubling led Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce to say that "It's of great assistance to our producers because it put a floor in the market and it's a great assistance to the people of Jakarta and the large cities in Indonesia because they get a ceiling in their food price," quoted ABC.

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