Australians Vulnerable to Virtual Stalkers; 5 Tips to Protect Computers from Spies, Viruses

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A report from the Centre for Internet Safety of the University of Canberra said that Australians are among the world's heaviest Internet users, which makes them the most vulnerable to virtual stalkers.

Data are collected whenever a user visits any Web site in the Internet, including Facebook, Google and Apple. These internet companies provide free services but sells user information to other companies including advertisers.

User information such as credit card details can be stolen or lost from an Internet database server which could be used by hackers and online stalkers to do anything with it. Deleting an online account does not mean the collected information is gone. With today's massive growth in digital technology, being aware and having protection to devices that accessing the Internet is imminent.

Ways to Protect Computers against Spies and Viruses

1.     Erasing cookies, and browsing histories and deactivating tracking will prevent third-parties or spies to retrieve data from your device. Go to your browser and follow these steps:

a.     Google Chrome: Tools > Clear Browsing Data

b.     Safari: Menu > Private Browsing > Preferences > Privacy > Block Cookies > Always

c.      Firefox: Privacy > Tracking > Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked and Never remember history

d.     Internet Explorer: Tools > Delete Browsing History; Tools > InPrivate Browsing; Tools > Tracking Protection > Automatically block for third-party advertising

2.     Activate your Private Browsing or Incognito Mode feature in the browser to prevent any cookies being recorded and protect you from being tracked down by spies.

3.     Installing an Antivirus and Anti-spyware program in any device that you use to connect to the Internet is very important.

4.     Porn sites are commonly infested by different kinds of virus and malwares online and it is also full of spamming and ads. Blocking porn sites increases your security.

5.     Be careful what you install from the Internet. This usually happens for games and free programs that often include other programs advertised. Before trying a new application, read carefully the installation guide and do not install anything else aside from what you want or need.

Following these tips will help Internet users from being hacked.

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