Australians For Palestine Begs Off From Apology About Deceptive Gaza Photos

Australian Palestinian community protests against Israel's military action in Gaza, in Sydney
A member of the Australian Palestinian community wears a mask as he participates in a protest against Israel's military action in Gaza, in Sydney July 20, 2014.

The Australian for Palestine continues to beg off from a call to apologise for its illusory use of photos of children killed in Syria as victims of the Gaza conflict.

The group is now being condemned for its deliberate use of the wrong photo to stir sympathy for the Gaza conflict.

In August 10, the group sent out an email to MPs with the image of dead children as it compares the Gaza victims to that of the Holocaust victims.

The photo used came with the caption saying that "some people may find the above photo disturbing and we hope it is".

In the body of the email, Australians for Palestine editor, Sonja Karkar, wrote sheepishly that the photo "is not being shown gratuitously, but to bring home the true awfulness of what is happening in Gaza."

"Almost 2000 Palestinians have been slaughtered and some 10,000 Palestinians have been wounded ... Israel's bombs continue to strike with vengeance at the civilian population below. Make no mistake about it: more than 80 per cent of those already killed were civilians. We cannot shed tears over yesteryear's Holocaust victims when reading books, seeing films or visiting museums and not see that these innocent Palestinian children today are just as deserving of your sorrow and outrage," Karkar wrote.

However, the MPs were able to track the picture from a Canadian online news portal and an Israeli website. Both websites used the pictures months prior before the Gaza conflict erupted.

Liberal MP Luke Simpkins was very vocal in his outrage against the group.

"Given that the AFP calls for outrage, I can say that I was outraged at their abuse of the facts and taking advantage of the deaths of innocent Syrian children in the biggest, most desperate conflict and human tragedy in the region," he told The Australian.

For Simpkins, the group's ethics and tactics were deplorable.

Meanwhile, if the objective is to raise awareness about Gaza, the Rubble Bucket Challenge launched on Saturday was successful.

An offshoot from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the Rubble Bucket Challenge involves a bucket of rubbles from bombed buildings being "doused" on people.

According to the pioneer of the challenge, Gaza has no water, hence no ice. The challenge does not ask for monetary donation either. What it asked is a revolution from people around the world to condemn the killings of civilians in Gaza.

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