Australian Startup Claims 'Apple Stole Its Name' For New Health Software in iOS 8

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Apple reportedly has taken the name "HealthKit" service from an Australian company. The Melbourne-based company has a healthcare platform owning both the HealthKit Twitter handle and the Web site since 2012.

The company is based in Australia but its Web site has a global presence. It is a healthcare service that connects patients and doctors at the same platform. The Apple has come up with a similar name for its upcoming new iOS 8 operating system for iPhones.

The source reported Lachlan Wheeler, CEO of Australian health software company HealthKit, came to know about this accident when he woke up early during Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference's (WWDC) keynote and read emails speculating if the company had been acquired by Apple or whether it had used the name casually without knowing it was already taken by another company.

Also, Alison Hardacre, co-founder and managing director of HealthKit, said it is flattering that Apple likes the name but it's annoying to know that the company didn't even spend five seconds to put into the browser to check and find the original company.

Hardacre also cited its Web site has been experiencing a heavy traffic since Apple's announcement at the WWDC. Since then, the company is voicing its complaints on its Twitter account.

The Business Insider reported Apple has a tradition of trademarking all its names for its products, so it is unusual that Apple didn't look into HealthKit's domains before naming its service.

The source also gave a justification for this by citing Mark Gurman's statement on Apple news for 9to5Mac that prior to the WWDC announcement HealthKit was known as HealthBook, speculating the sudden name change had something to do with the name leaking early.

Business Insider made a point that HealthKit is actually the name of Apple's API-the platform's programming interface but the name of Apple's app is Health. suggested it is difficult to imagine Apple, a multibillion dollar company is going to change the name of its new flagship health software because a small Australian health company asked them to do so. 

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