Australian Man Saving a Shark Attracts Millions of Viewers [PHOTOS AND VIDEO]

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A video recording posted on YouTube showed an Australian man named Shane Cox courageously getting hold of a squirming shark to lead the dangerous creature back into the ocean for survival. Currently, the footage was seen by more than 3 million viewers on the website.

According to Shane Cox, the video was taken a couple of years ago near the Ninety Mile Beach in Seaspray, Victoria where he went fishing with family and friends. "I was fishing for Gummy sharks that day trying to get a feed for my family and friends and wasn't expecting this great white to be on the line," Cox revealed.

Furthermore, Shane Cox shared details about his encounter with the shark that he caught out of the blue while fishing. In a report, Cox stated that he was not expecting to stumble upon a Great White shark. "I was not expecting this at all. I was able to get it washed up with the wave. I removed the hook and I couldn't leave this shark on the beach to die. I guess adrenalin and no brains I grabbed it and put it back in the ocean," Cox said.

Fortunately, the shark was able to swim back into the ocean where it belongs. "It did swim off with no worries. The waves pushed it around a bit but once it was past the shore line it was gone," Cox confirmed.

In the two-minute footage, Shane's partner can be heard warning the children by saying "You kids aren't getting back in the water. Stay out of the water." Also, the children were screaming for their dog to not get into the water in fear that the shark might attack their pet.

Take a look at the YouTube video below to witness the heroic act of Shane Cox when he saved a Great White Shark.

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