Australian Labor Party Draws Budget from “Gay Marriage”

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The Australian Labor Party, allegedly, draws its campaign budget through supporting the controversial gay marriage.

According to The Australian, it can testify that the Labor Party had created and dispersed T-shirts to any voter who is willing to donate $30 or more in support of gay marriage. According to the newspaper, the T-shirts being distributed had the slogan: "It's time to make things better. It's time for marriage equality, Kevin Rudd."

"Make a donation now and you can wear your support for equality with pride in the lead-up to election day and beyond. Shirts are ethically made in Australia," said ALP through a Web site created exclusively for their marriage equality campaign.

The Greens attacked the ALP, saying that instead of bankrolling its campaign, ALP should convince those party members who are against gay marriage for a more unified party.

However, the Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome, hinted support for the ALP through saying that he'd rather obtain funds for those candidates who openly agreed to gay marriage.

A spokesman from the ALP was quick to clarify that the T-shirts were not being sold.

"No merchandise is being sold, but hundreds of T-shirts have been shipped to people who are making donations of $30 or more. The donations are helping the campaign to re-elect a Rudd Labor government, so we can see a vote on marriage equality within the first 100 days of the next parliament," the spokesman said.

It seemed like that ALP found a secret ally in the person of Liberal national Party MP, Teresa Gambaro, when she announced on Thursday night in a candidates' forum that she will prod on Coalition leader Tony Abbott to allow a conscience vote on gay marriage when elected.

It was Mr Rudd who promised voters that 100 days into being elected, if elected, he will bring legislation to federal parliament allowing a conscience vote on gay marriage.

Ms Gambaro seemed to be hinting about crossing the floors which she immediately clarified in her speech.

"We need to see what our party room decides in the next parliament. That is a decision that needs to be taken to our next party room," said Ms Gambaro.

As for her change in heart on gay marriage, Ms Gambaro told Fairfax Media that a conversation with a mother from Ashgrove had her heart changed on the issue.

"I guess that was the crystallizing moment. But I guess it has been a long journey. Should it be taken to the party room I would advocate for a conscience vote and I would be supportive of gay marriage."

She mentioned that a remarkable number of young voters coming to Brisbane to vote for Sept 7 election had helped her decide to change her views on gay marriage.

"In fact, 1,000 to 2,000 young people move into my electorate every month"

But she emphasised that the young voters were not the primary reason why she now supports gay marriage.

"No it was more of a personal journey," said Ms Gambaro.

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