Australian Kid in Diaper, 2, Shows Skateboard Tricks Like a Pro [Video]

By @snksounak on

A 2-year-old Australian kid is seen skateboarding like a pro in one of the YouTube videos. It created a sensation on the World Wide Web the moment the video was uploaded. The child clearly seems to be a prodigy who hopefully won't take much time to enter the professional world of the game.

The YouTube video shows the child racing down the streets as well as hopping all around with the skateboard. The only protection the baby has got is the diaper it is wearing. It definitely is amazing to watch a 2-year-old in diaper managing to do tricks which even adults find extremely difficult even to try.

The baby has reportedly been training under expert guidance since he was 6-month-old. A truly unbelievable story has stormed the Internet in no time as the maestro we are watching here is not wearing any shoes even

The child is named as Kahlei Stone-Kelly in the description of the video. The super-talented Australian kid claims to be the youngest skateboarder in the entire world. "The skating prodigy" as he is called, comes from a family which is reportedly extremely enthusiastic about the game. The best of the video, which shows the kid moving around on a skateboard as free as a bird, is that it highlights the kind of fun the child is having while doing the tricks.

The original video was apparently uploaded by the father of the child on its Facebook Profile. The video was shared by almost 15,000 people, but the real craze started when the video appeared on YouTube. Since the day it was uploaded on YouTube on Jan 24, 2014; it has managed to about 200,000 views within days.

Even though the child is seen without wearing any helmet in the video, the child seems to be wearing a helmet in other images posted on Facebook. The family must take extra care of the child, as it does appear to be much more than another toddler in a diaper.

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