Australian Government Junks Crocodile Hunting Safari Plan of Northern Territory


The Australian government has junked the controversial plan to allow people to go on a crocodile hunting safari in the Northern Territory. According to government officials, crocodile "trophy hunts" are not appropriate.

Australia's Environment Minister Greg Hunt said ministers have periodically rejected the plan of hunting crocodiles. Mr Hunt said that he is personally concerned about the risk of cruel and inhumane treatment to crocodiles.

The proposed crocodile safari hunt supported by the Northern Territory would have allowed hunters to shoot 50 crocodiles. According to reports, about 500 crocodiles are killed in the region every year. Supporters of the controversial plan argued that hunting crocodiles will be a good source of income for indigenous communities.

Bess Price, minister or Parks and Wildlife, has denounced the decision. Talking to the AP news agency, Ms Price said Mr Hunt has made a decision which does nothing for the indigenous people living in Northern Territory's remote communities.

Animal activist groups rejected the crocodile safari hunt and said killing animals like the crocodile will only send the wrong message.  Australia's saltwater crocodiles can grow to a length of 23 feet or 7 metres with a weight of up to one tonne.

In 1971, crocodiles were declared a protected species and since then increased in numbers. They are commonly seen in the tropical north of Australia.

A video of a snake eating a crocodile in Australia has grown viral earlier in the month. The battle between the snake and the crocodile at Lake Moondarra near Mount Isa was caught on camera by the locals, according to a BBC report. The snake measured approximately 10 feet and was believed to be a python.

Locals saw how the snake coiled itself around the crocodile as both creatures struggled in the water. When the crocodile finally succumbed to its death, the snake dragged its body back to land and began to eat it. The onlookers were surprised to see the snake eating the crocodile. When the snake finally overpowered the crocodile, it dragged the dead body on land and proceeded to eat it face-first.

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