Australian Blogger Hits Back at Critics, Gives Birth to Healthy Baby While on Raw Fruit Diet

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A healthy baby boy was born to Australian blogger Loni Jane Anthony despite the criticisms she received for strictly following a diet of raw fruits during her pregnancy. The health and lifestyle blogger gave birth to her son, Rowdy Nash, on March 2.

Ms Anthony told her critics that she is living proof that a woman does not have to be a "whale" during pregnancy. The Australian blogger and social media sensation has been slammed by people from around the world after her interviews about her fruit-heavy diet went public. She talked about her low-fat and meat-free diet which included 10 bananas at a time and raw juices.

Ms Anthony documents her eating habits, meals and personal fitness on her website. Her baby son weighed 8.7 pounds at birth.

In an interview with local media, she said her son was "feeding like a machine."  She said she has a lot of breast milk to offer her son who is growing.

She said the evidence of her whole pregnancy is in her blog and her baby is proof her diet works. Ms Anthony said she gained 17 kilos or 37 pounds while pregnant. She lost 22 pounds just days after giving birth to her son.

The new mother said she was back to doing yoga and cycling. Ms Anderson is an advocate of the 80/10/10 Diet which is a low-fat, high-carb meal plan that favours whole, fresh, raw fruits and vegetables instead of meat and dairy.

Her critics accused her of "starving" her unborn child ever since she followed the diet plan. However, the Australian Medical Association agreed with the toned 25-year-old mom. According to Australia's top doctor and AMA federal president Steve Hambleton, it's okay for pregnant women to be a vegetarian since they can still get the nutrition they need.

Ms Anthony said she plans on doing the same things now that she's breastfeeding her son. She eats big meals with plenty of carbs, fruits and vegetables. She consumes more "good" fats since she's breastfeeding. She plans on raising her child to follow the same diet. 

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