Australian Actors Who Made it Big in Hollywood

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It is tough to make a career in Hollywood, and it even tougher for those who aren't citizens of the United States. But with the swift evolving world of showbiz, some folks may not know that a number of Hollywood's big stars are from the Australia. Below is a brief overview of their silver screen achievements.

Heath Ledger - The late actor who became well-known for his legendary work in "The Dark Knight" and "Brokeback Mountain" is considered one of the all time best actors.

Hugh Jackman - Best known for his work in "Wolverine," Jackman persistently giving blockbuster movies one after the other. He also co-starred with Niclole Kidman (another great Australian actress) in the movie "Australia."

Mel Gibson - He has starred in many grand movies but he left a big impression with his role in "Braveheart." He produced the movie "The Passion of the Christ."

Russell Crowe - the versatile actor has proven his talent in movies like "Gladiator" - an epic sword fighting action movie and "A Beautiful Mind," a melodrama. He's considered one of the greatest actors in Hollywood.

Rod Taylor - He starred in successful movies like "The Birds" and in late 2000, he has also appeared in "Inglorious Bustards."

Guy Pearce - He has carved a niche in the hearts of people with the movie "Memento" and recently left a mark with "The Hurt Locker." With his dynamic acting skills, he has a long way to go.

Sam Worthington - one more versatile actor from Australia best known for his role in "Terminator Salvation" and "Avatar." With great adaptability he can do justice to drama, action, or comedy.

Eric Bana - He started his career with, "Eric Bana Show" while the show did not get enough viewers to go on, in 1997 he won a Loggie award for most popular comedy personality. His first movie was "The Castle" in 1998, followed by "Chopper" in 2000, which earned him a best actor award of the Australian Film Institute and the limelight in international film industry. Bana's best movies are; "Black Hawk Down," "Troy," "The Other Boleyn Girl," "Star Trek," "The Time Traveler's Wife,""Funny People," "Hanna," and "Deadfall."

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