Australia Wanted Man Setu Aloiai Surrenders


The Brisbane area can sleep a little better tonight, after a suspected dangerous escaped man was finally apprehended Wednesday night.

After absconding and going missing for almost an entire day, Setu Aloiai, 31, handed himself to the Dutton Park Police Station around 10 p.m., reports

Aloiai had gone off track when he cut off his GPS tracking bracelet while in the Brighton area Tuesday night. Authorities immediately dispatched a monitoring team.

According to police reports, the escape occurred at 10:26 p.m. when the monitoring received a strap and body tamper alert.

When attempts to contact Aloiai proved unsuccessful as well as search attempts in the area showed futile results, the police were contacted by 10:50 p.m.

A declared serious violent offender, Aloiai had served a nine-year sentence after being found guilty for indecent assault, reports 9 News National.

His sentence included a circumstance of aggravatiom, occasioning actual bodily harm on an adult female victim.

According to The Australian, Aloiai was released last March under a five-year Dangerous Prisoner and Sex Offender Act supervision.

No other charges in relation to his escape have been made declared as of posting.

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