Australia In for a Solar Eclipse Spectacle

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The world will have its first solar eclipse of the year on Tuesday, April 29. And Australia will have the best view of the event.

Known as an annular solar eclipse, where the moon is outlined by a dazzling ring of sunlight, the so-called "ring of fire" is only visible from Antarctica. Other areas or regions can only have partial views. Observers in parts of Australia should be able to catch a glimpse of that partial eclipse.

Australians in Melbourne and Sydney will see the moon cover 65 per cent of the sun's disk in a partial solar eclipse visible shortly before sunset, while for those in Western Australia, it will be earlier in the afternoon. is providing two webcasts so viewers can see the solar eclipse beginning at 2am EDT (0600 GMT) on Tuesday.

In all of Australia, it seems it's the northern part which will get the best view seat because less moon will cover the sun.

The eclipse will begin at 4.14 p.m. (local time) in Sydney and will approximately cover the sun by 52 per cent at 5.15pm.

Skywatchers will only be able to view the end of the solar eclipse in western Australia.

In Perth, the eclipse begins at 1.17pm (local time), covering the sun by 59 per cent at 2.42pm before ending at 3.59pm.

Folks from Tasmania can also view the eclipse. From Hobart, it will begin at 3.51pm (local time) and the maximum eclipse will be at 5pm.

The 2014 Annular Solar Eclipse can also be viewed here.

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