Australia Solar Eclipse Nov. 13 (11:30 AM AEST), Watch it Online Here

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Are you a solar eclipse watcher fanatic who wants to see this year's celestial phenomenon in Australia but unfortunately can't fly to Down Under because of varied seasons? There's still good news for you because Slooh Space Camera will broadcast a free, real-time feed of the stunning total solar eclipse live from Cairns, Australia.

People who don't want to be left behind in the once-in-a-lifetime event, which actually happens just once every 375 years, may capture a first look of the total solar eclipse on on Tuesday, November 13th beginning 11:30 AM PST / 2:30 PM EST / 19:30 UTC. 

"We are ecstatic to have a world-class team on-site in Cairns bringing the power and beauty of this spectacular event live to our worldwide audience," Patrick Paolucci, Slooh President, said. "We are ramped up and ready to go to handle millions of viewers." 

Aside from being able to watch a first glimpse of the solar eclipse on their PC or mobile device, viewers, wherever they may be, may post questions to the Slooh team, including the crew located in Cairns, using the Slooh Conversations section on the Slooh homepage. Viewers will also be able to snap the live pictures directly from the Slooh homepage using Pinterest. 

Usually lasting for two minutes, a total solar eclipse is a visual feast when the Moon's dark shadow touches Earth, then creating a long narrow path which enables one to see the in the daytime.

"Nothing in nature can equal the sheer spectacle of a total solar eclipse, and this time the event is a dramatic sunrise apparition in the tropics, low over the ocean off the Great Barrier Reef," Bob Berman, author of "The Sun's Heartbeat" and one of Slooh's on-site personnel who will cover the event, said.

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