Australia Rejects Partnership Visa Application of Gay Pakistan-Born Man in Relationship with Brisbane Doctor; In Danger of Being Deported

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Besides rejecting same-sex marriages, Australia's homophobia reached a new high with the government rejecting the partnership visa application of a gay man born in Pakistan and in a relationship with a male Brisbane doctor.

Ali Choudry, who was raised in the U.S., is at risk of being deported to Pakistan - where being a homosexual is considered a crime - with the denial of his visa application despite his four-year romantic relationship with Dr Matthew Hynd, an Aussie neuroscientist, reports ABC.

The pair, one of the first gay couples in Queensland who registered their union in March 2012, could not understand why the Australian government would not consider legitimate their long-term partnership.

To worsen matters for the pair, Mr Choudry would likely be deported this week on his birthday, Jan 8, to Pakistan which aside from being an unfamiliar culture to him, brings him at risk of harassment and life imprisonment because of his gender preference.

Ironically, despite the harsh anti-gay laws in Pakistan, homosexuality is on the rise in this predominantly Muslim nation, although gay rights events, such as one organised by the U.S. embassy, angered local residents.


After the rejection of his visa review application by Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, Mr Choudry filed an appeal to the Migration Review Tribunal. A spokesman for the ministry said same-sex couples are assessed on immigration matters, using the same criteria as heterosexual couples.

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