Australia Regains Number One Spot in ICC Test Cricket Ranking

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Australian cricket finally regained the top spot in ICC rankings test cricket since August 2009.

The win against England in Ashes series by 5-0, followed by winning the test series in South Africa by 2-1, led the team to the supreme position.

Australia's captain Michael Clarke was emphatic after the news as his primary goal for the last 2 years was to see the team attain the top place. The news of the ranking was announced on Thursday.

 "There's been a number of tough times and I guess for a team it makes these days even more special and for me personally as captain of this team ... I don't think I've had a more satisfying day or feeling in my career," Clarke said.

The rules of the ICC rankings after every four years do not the count the previous records. This means the team's sordid performance against India in 2011 and loss at Ashes by 3-1 in the same year will not come into account.

Clarke was ecstatic after the news, but he stated if Australia has to retain their position in top place, the team must work hard in the coming years.

 "2 years of hard work from all getting to number 1, now it's going to take even more work to stay there. A very proud day!" Clarke posted in Twitter.

"That's our job, our priority, no doubt about it...The fact that two years ago we were ranked number five in the world. As captain of the team I remember, it's still in the front of my mind what was written and said about us once we came back from India ... We were named the worst Australian team to ever tour India and as captain that's the last thing you want to hear ... That breaks your heart so I guess to enjoy today and see the other side in what I think is a pretty quick turn-around, in two years we've gone from number five to number one, I'm extremely proud of that," Clarke added 

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